Pearl Lowe speaks of chaotic Caribbean honeymoon

Fashion designer Pearl Lowe has spoken about her recent Caribbean honeymoon in an interview with Hello! magazine.

The former singer married Danny Goffey from Supergrass in a Winter Wonderland-themed ceremony in December – but said that this was the last thing she wanted for her honeymoon.

“The idea of escaping the cold and feeling the heat on our backs was just too tempting. That was my idea of a honeymoon,” she commented.

So the couple jetted off to Tobago, although the honeymoon was rather unconventional.

Instead of being just a romantic holiday for the two of them, the couple were accompanied by their three children and Pearl’s parents.

Then, Pearl’s daughter Daisy and her boyfriend flew out to meet them later, leading Goffey to describe it as less of a honeymoon, more of a “free-for-all”.

Sounds a bit busy for the happy couple!

The Toronto Star reports that its luxury hotels, family-friendly atmosphere and great food make the Caribbean an ideal luxury holiday destination, especially for honeymoons.

It suggests Antigua and Barbados for their beautiful pink sand and seas, where visitors can try scuba diving while enjoying the beautiful marine life around the island’s reefs.

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