South Africa and Australia ‘will remain popular with Brits’

Long-haul destinations South Africa and Australia will always be popular places to holiday for Britons, it has been claimed.

Kate Kenward, executive director of the Association of Independent Tour Operators, said that this is because they offer a number of attractions to people from the UK that other destinations may not.

For instance, South Africa is located in the same time zone as Britain, “so jet lag is not a problem”, while it also holds advantages over eurozone countries thanks to its rand currently having a favourable exchange rate against the pound.

Meanwhile, Australia is highlighted as being popular thanks to its sunny climate (and possibly the equally sunny outlook of its people!), as well as its array of clean beaches.

“They have a very strong repeat visiting ratio as well,” she added of the two countries.

Readers of the Daily Telegraph recently voted Cape Town as Best World City, as well as choosing South Africa in general among the top three countries outside Europe.

Meanwhile, a study conducted by the Association of British Travel Agents has found that taking a break from everyday stresses is the most important reason for taking a holiday for 32 per cent of Britons, while spending time with friends or family members comes second with 19 per cent.

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