Strictly Come Holiday-ing

As the enthusiasm continues for programmes in which celebrities dance their way across our screens every week, it seems people are keen to practice what they see on a Saturday night on their holidays.

The consumer group Which? has reported piqued interest in dancing holidays, with enquires about places such as Latin America and European dance hotspots on the up.

A spokesperson from the organisation said that similar enthusiasm has not been seen since the dancehall era of the 1940s, when people would get together to jitterbug with the GIs – although nowadays, people are keen to do it in more far-flung places.

“People are taking to the floor for a variety of reasons. There are dance holidays out there to suit everyone’s preference and abilities,” he commented.

The source added that people need not be put off if they are single, since workshops are available in most countries for dances that do not require a partner, such as flamenco.

Tangoing remains a popular pastime – the sensual dance is thought to have evolved in Argentina in the 18th and 19th centuries, when immigrants performed for the money to bring their families to join them, Kwintessential attests.

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