Want a good value holiday? Try South Africa

Although thinking of holidays in South Africa may conjure up pictures of expensive safaris and saving up for months, one travel writer has argued that this is no longer the case and that breaks there offer very good value for money.

Times journalist Robert Wood said he recently took a holiday there and was particularly pleased about the price of food.

He pointed out that with the exchange rate still resting at around 14 rand to the pound, dishes such as fresh salmon and authentic Cape wine will only cost around £12.

This is better value than destinations in Europe and the US, where both currencies have recently slumped against sterling.

He also added: “By taking a South African holiday, you could be contributing directly to community projects, even in the most upmarket establishments.”

Another spokesperson for South Africa is England cricketer Kevin Pietersen, who was born in Durban and recently took his wife back to his native country on holiday.

The sportsman said he was thrilled to have spotted two cheetahs in their natural habitat at the Simbambili Game Lodge near Kruger.

South Africa was also recently ranked as the best place in the world to take a gap year by the Year Out Group.

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