‘Adventure is on the cards’ for British holidaymakers

British people are rejecting the traditional bucket and spade break in favour of something altogether more exciting when it comes to their holidays, it has been claimed.

Frances Tuke, spokesperson for the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta), has revealed that with the credit crunch still going on, people are saving up their money in order to do something as far removed from their boring everyday routine as they can.

“People to a certain extent are booking away from Western Europe. [They] are wanting to go mid and long haul, because [they] are getting more adventurous,” she commented.

In response to a recent Abta survey, 32 per cent of people said the purpose for their holidays is to avoid the tedium of their everyday lives, while 19 per cent said they take breaks in order to spend time with their family or friends.

Thailand could be an ideal destination for people looking for something different – the Guardian’s Andrew Spooner recently said he visited Koh Samui island and found it to be close to paradise thanks to its white sand beaches and clear seas.

Visitors could also indulge in scuba diving, as well as guided walks in the tropical forests.

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