April ‘a good time to holiday in Goa’

If the impending arrival of spring is not enough to stop you daydreaming about foreign climes, then a holiday in Goa in April could be the perfect solution.

According to The Nation Travel, while the Indian region is great to visit at any time of year, it is particularly good in April because it will not be quite so busy with other tourists.

The website points out that the official tourist season will not have begun then, so streets and hotels will be more peaceful, but most of the main attractions will still be open.

The monsoon will still be quite a way off, so travellers will not have to put up with too much heavy rain.

“A high point is the availability of hotel rooms, which means you don’t have to book too far in advance and have added bargaining power,” the news provider points out.

While in Goa, holidaymakers should take time to visit the Anjuna flea market, which is held every Wednesday on Anjuna Beach, as well as the markets in Chaudi and Mapusa.

Goa is also renowned for its beautiful, sun-kissed beaches and idyllic scenery, so Palolem and Arambol beaches should also be seen, The Nation concludes.

The Indian region could also be the perfect place for a honeymoon, Merinews recently suggested.

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