Beware scams on holiday, travellers warned

Holidaymakers should not allow their well-earned break in the sun to be ruined by their falling victim to a scam.

This is the advice of insurance provider LV=, which recently carried out a survey and found that 21 per cent of Brits have been targeted by fraudsters at some point in the last five years.

Couples – perhaps especially those on honeymoon with only eyes for each other – were found to be the most likely to be targeted, making up 43 per cent of scam victims, whereas those travelling alone represented 18 per cent of con victims.

The average cost each time was £250, a sizeable chunk of anyone’s holiday budget.

Emma Holyer, a spokesperson for LV=, said: “Not only can cons cost money but they can ruin a trip, so we are offering advice on steps to take to avoid ending up out of pocket or on a tour that you don’t want to be.”

The company’s advice includes not dropping your guard any more than you would at home, not taking part in scratchcard promotions – which purport to offer a prize but actually lead into a timeshare sales pitch – and only booking trips with reputable firms that can provide identification.

According to figures cited by the Mirror from the Office of Fair Trading, victims of scratchcard scams pay an average of £3,000 for “little more than access to an internet booking site offering the same service they could get at a travel agent for free”.

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