Brits ‘will be flocking to Brazil’

Brazil is set to soar in popularity with Britons taking advantage of the great exchange rates and the reduced air fares.

This is according to Laura Rendell-Dunn, spokesperson for Journey Latin America, who said that people are going to want to pick somewhere that offers excellent value for money, especially if it is for a long-haul holiday which is likely to be a longer stay.

“People will be thinking: before things start improving with the economy and the prices of tickets start to increase, let’s take advantage of these good prices and travel now,” the expert opined.

Indeed, Brazil could be better value for holidays than many places in Europe – previous research published by the company found that even with airfares taken into account, Latin America offered better value than the south of France.

On some occasions, everyday things such as attraction admission tickets were up to 70 per cent cheaper.

Tom Hall from Lonely Planet recently said in an article for the Guardian that it is possible to see plenty of great things in Brazil in only three weeks, particularly in the south-east and Rio de Janeiro.

Rio De Janeiro is probably most famous for its statue of Christ which stands 30m tall on Mount Corcovado, as well as for the beaches at Ipanema and Copacabana.

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