Call your bank before that Valentine’s holiday surprise

As couples begin to consider Valentine’s Day once again, some lucky people may be about to get whisked off on a weekend break abroad by their doting other half, for a romantic ride on the gondolas in Venice or a champagne breakfast in Paris, perhaps.

However, one firm has urged anyone preparing to do so not to forget to give their bank a ring beforehand.

Peter Harrison of said that while people are meticulous in their organising of items such as tickets and passports, they often neglect to inform their bank that they are travelling.

However, he pointed out that this could prove difficult if the bank then refuses a transaction or a withdrawal – especially in the current climate, as financial institutions are cracking down on card fraud abroad.

“It is staggering to think that only 31 per cent of people who went overseas last year told their credit or debit card provider they were doing so,” he remarked.

Mr Harrison added that a quick phone call to tell the bank the dates of the holiday is easy and only take a few minutes.

However, for those people who are heading further afield, vaccination is also an important part of holiday planning.

Sean Tipton of the Association of British Travel Agents said that tropical diseases can be fatal and travellers should be prepared with their inoculations.

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