Environmental impact ‘important to young people’

While young people today may have more opportunities to travel than the generations before them, this does not mean they are taking the benefits for granted.

This is according to Bruce Haxton of placement organisation i-to-i, who said that he has noticed more and more young people booking their holidays with the environment and local communities in mind.

He added that 60 per cent of the people taking volunteer holidays with the company, for example, at conservation centres, are now aged under 26.

“The younger generation of this country are extremely aware and passionate about their impact, not just on the environment, but the communities they travel to and stay with,” he commented.

Mr Haxton added that this sustainable attitude and a desire to give something back bodes well for the future.

South Africa has always been popular with gap year travellers – however, it could get even more so thanks to a recent newspaper poll.

The New York Times named the country in 34th place in its annual Places to Go survey thanks to its safaris, wineries and beaches, as well as its luxurious but affordable outlook.

There may also be opportunities for people looking for volunteer holidays at some of the country’s wildlife centres.

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