Flights ‘are making long haul holidays more accessible’

Long haul holidays are getting more popular as the flights needed to access them get cheaper.

This is according to Sean Tipton of the Association of British Travel Agents who said that as a result, ordinary people are more aware that they can be more adventurous when it comes to their travel plans, opting for exotic locations over bucket and spade European resorts.

“People like to try out new destinations and increasingly that means long haul destinations out of Europe and further afield,” he remarked.

The expert’s comments are backed up by a recent report published by Kuoni, which showed that the most popular long haul destination during 2008 was the Maldives.

This was followed closely by Thailand and Egypt, perhaps also due to these countries having their own currencies as opposed to the Euro.

The Maldives could be ideal for people looking for honeymoon destinations to which they can take their children.

Susan D’Arcy, writing for the Times, recently pointed out that a number of resorts are now opening in the Maldives to cater for people in this situation.

One such haven is the new hotel Diva, which opened in May 2008 on Baa Atoll and has kids’ clubs, games rooms, computer games and even discos for slightly older children.

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