Grandparents definitely don’t act their age on holiday!

Grandparents are refusing to grow old gracefully when it comes to holidays, preferring instead to join in with their grandchildren’s activities with aplomb.

This is the conclusion of Franka Steinkopf, an MA student at the University of Brighton, who carried out a study and found that 66 per cent of grandparents would rather get their hands dirty on holiday than end up watching from the sidelines.

Meanwhile, 84 per cent said they thought it is important to share experiences with their grandchildren in order to offer a fun opportunity to enhance the youngsters’ learning.

Swimming, cycling, city tours, going to the seaside and trying new foods in restaurants were all activities that were mentioned as things that grandparents particularly enjoyed on holiday.

Ms Steinkopf said: “In a significant change from their own grandparents, today’s grandparents have a lively interest in and expectation of participating in activities.”

Travel was found to be one of the top things people wanted to do before they died in a poll carried out last year by Warner Home Video.

The Great Barrier Reef was among the destinations suggested by respondents, as was the Grand Canyon.

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