Holidaymakers ‘could be risking their health’

A new survey has revealed that a startling number of people would be willing to go on holiday without any insurance.

The poll, carried out by American Express, found that as many as 24 per cent of respondents are considering doing so this year as they attempt to cut costs during the recession.

However, this could be a dangerous tactic, as Chris Rolland, a spokesperson for the company, pointed out.

He commented that the most common causes for claims on insurance policies are due to medical problems and cancellations, something that most people are at risk from.

“It is worrying that 48 per cent of Brits are planning to cut back on the policies that are designed to protect them during hard times,” Mr Rolland remarked.

“This may well be a false economy as people could end up paying out much more than they bargained for if something should happen.”

Holidaymakers may find that travel insurance need not be expensive, for example if they opt for single trip policies when they are sure that no other travel is likely in the same year.

This was suggested by the Irish Independent as a way of saving money without taking risks.

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