Holidaymakers ‘travelling with their conscience’

More holidaymakers than ever are looking towards sustainable or eco-tourism for their breaks as they feel the need to give something back, it has been claimed.

Daniel Levine, an analyst at the Avant-Guide Institute in America, said that people are unwilling to give up travel completely in a bid to save the planet – but that they are willing to help its people while enjoying their well-earned breaks.

“What that means is that they’re looking for experiences that speak to their heart,” he commented to Reuters.

The expert added that this may mean giving up spa breaks in favour of trips that allow them to get their hands dirty.

One such scheme in Vietnam encourages visitors to purchase a small pack of books, then deliver them among local communities, he said. This allows travellers to meet people from their destination, while having the satisfaction of donating something that will really help them.

In an article for TravelMole, Valere Tjolle recently said that Thailand may be an ideal place for people looking for eco-tourism projects to go.

As an added bonus, the south Asian country is also renowned for its great scenery and delicious food.

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