Look after your cards on holiday, travellers warned

Anyone who intends to use their credit or debit cards while on holiday should make sure that they exercise caution, one expert has warned.

Duncan Barraclough of travelsupermarket.com said that while people need to be as careful as they are at home, many are lulled into a false sense of security and let their guard down.

This could lead to them becoming victims of credit card fraud, he pointed out.

“Just because you are abroad, it doesn’t mean the rules are any different. You have to be more vigilant,” Mr Barraclough commented.

He added that simple things such as keeping your card in sight and using plastic only in reputable outlets could reduce the risk of fraud.

Figures from the UK payments association Apacs show that 40 per cent of plastic card fraud losses during the first six months of 2008 happened in foreign countries.

Meanwhile, in more positive news for travellers, Escapism Travel magazine has named Tulum in Mexico as the world’s sexiest, coolest holiday destination.

The Azulik eco-resort was highlighted as being particularly good and especially luxurious thanks to its range of spa treatments and proximity to natural beauty.

In fact, the wooden chalets where visitors sleep are reached via pathways through the jungle.

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