Mauritius ‘is a beautiful island’

Mauritius has been highly recommended by one travel writer to Britons who may have previously been undecided about going there.

Tim Jepson, writing for the Telegraph, called it “a beautiful island with plenty to offer” and said that its turquoise seas, scenic beaches and spectacular mountains are sure to delight Britons who need some sunshine after what has been a long winter.

He said that even as he flew into Mauritius’s airport, he could see that it had a charming, relaxed appearance – and it did not disappoint when he had actually landed.

“Balmy, tropical air [drifted] through the car’s open windows as we [passed] through neat, flower-decked villages,” he lamented.

Mr Jepson said he particularly enjoyed his visit to the capital of Port Talbot, which he thought had an air of India about it.

Mauritius is only 40 miles long by 30 miles wide, but is very distinct culturally, with 22 languages and 90 religions.

According to Discover Mauritius, the temperature in its coastal areas is between 22 degrees C in winter and 34 degrees C in summer.

Western and northern regions are typically warmer and drier than the east and the south.

The currency is the Mauritian Rupee.

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