Pre-school families ‘are keeping holidays the same’

Families with young children are not altering their travel plans, despite the current economic climate, it has been found.

According to a survey of 300 people carried out for family information site, 55 per cent of respondents said they had not really been affected by the credit crunch, with 15 per cent saying they are likely to have spare money for travel after paying for essentials.

The news follows research from last month by, which showed that today’s children will have been to 14 countries overseas by the time they are 16, double the number that their parents would have seen.

Indeed, this is more than any other generation has experienced and shows that we are bringing up a nation of jet-setters!

Australia could be a good place for people with pre-school age children to choose for holidays – not only is it outside the eurozone and therefore likely to offer better value for money, but it provides plenty to do in a relaxed environment.

This is according to Tom Hall of Lonely Planet, who recently suggested in an article for the Irish Independent that Melbourne may be best in terms of entertaining the little ones thanks to its theme parks, beaches and aquariums.

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