South Africa ‘a beautiful place’ for a holiday

Anyone looking for a scenic yet action-packed place to take their holidays this year should look no further than South Africa, one writer has said.

Vicky Nash, writing for the Express and Star, commented that after taking a recent holiday to the country, she has already started planning her next one.

She said that she found it “breathtaking” and added that it is no wonder that many people see it as one of the world’s most “gorgeous” regions.

“Cape Town is a rare cultural gem,” Ms Nash wrote, attributing this to its long history of settlement by people from various other countries.

However, people who venture to South Africa will not be short of something to do, the expert said, pointing out that Table Mountain is a definite must-see.

“Even those who have visited time and time again can find new things to do on each trip and never tire of its countless offerings,” she enthused.

Ms Nash concluded by revealing her favourite part of the trip, which was a dive with Great White sharks off the country’s coast. She described this as particularly terrifying, but exhilarating and memorable too.

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