Survey reveals people love holidays to Australia

Australia has come top in a poll designed to find the best holiday destination in the Asia-Pacific region.

The research, carried out by Visa and the Pacific Asia Travel Association, showed that 44 per cent of people would prefer to go on holiday to Australia than to any other destination in the area between now and next year.

Not only this, but it showed that British people are among the most determined in the world to avoid the credit crunch – they were some of the most likely to see holidays as a right, not a privilege.

Meranda Chan, Visa country manager, pointed out that while the global economic downturn will certainly have some impacts on travel, it is not going to bring the industry to a total standstill.

“What our survey has shown is that travellers will be more creative in their selection of destinations,” he commented.

The popularity of Australia could be down to its natural beauty – which varies from rainforests to beaches – or the laidback nature of its people.

Indeed, holidays Down Under could work out to better value in the long run, since the country has its own currency and Brits can therefore avoid the euro and the US dollar.

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