Take a holiday – or regret it later

When it comes to looking back on life’s regrets, British people are more likely to rue what they didn’t do than what they did.

This is the discovery of a new poll by MORE TH>N insurance, which showed that two-thirds of over-65s said they wish they had taken more holidays and seen more of the world when they had the chance.

Some 33 per cent said they would have liked to go to India to experience the ‘hippy trail’, while 15 per cent said they regret not having seen the Great Barrier Reef.

Meanwhile, 13 per cent said they wished they had paid a visit to the Great Wall of China at some point in their lives.

Pete Markey from MORE TH>N said the survey proves that people should seize the day when it comes to travel.

“We want this research to act as a call to action for everyone, young and old, to get out there and live life to the full,” he concluded.

The news comes after a recent poll by Kuoni found that 34 could be the best age to travel, as any children are likely to be older and people are more likely to have disposable income.

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