Visit Thailand for relaxation – and very big fish

Anyone on the lookout for somewhere inspiring to stay while in Thailand should look no further than Ko Lipe.

A tiny island – measuring only one kilometre by two kilometres – in the Andaman Sea, it nevertheless offers holidaymakers plenty to do.

For those who like more lively breaks, Pattaya Beach offers bars and restaurants on the sand, while on the other side of the island, Sunrise Beach is a relaxing haven and a great base for scuba diving thanks to its coral reefs.

Ko Lipe can be easily reached by boat from the main tourist resorts of Koh Phi Phi, Krabi and Trang.

There is also accommodation to suit all budgets, the Thai tourist board attests, with everything from backpackers’ huts to a five-star hotel.

Meanwhile, anglers may soon be flocking to Thailand after it was reported that a man has landed what could be the biggest ever freshwater fish caught on a line.

Ian Welch landed the stingray while working to tag the species with a team of biologists on the Maeklong River.

It weighed 55 stone and was seven feet long with a sting measuring ten feet.

The whopper was tagged and released back into the wild.

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