You don’t have to be rich to love Mauritius

Although Mauritius is popular with celebrities including Prince Harry and the X Factor’s Alex Burke, you don’t have to be A List in order to enjoy all it has to offer.

This is according to Mirror reporter Sarah Arnold, who said there is much more to do there than is often featured in the media.

She said that while the beaches and the cocktail bars are great, holidaymakers can also experience quad biking in the mountains, haggling in the local handicraft markets and visits to the nearby sugar plantations.

Ms Arnold said she did all these things in order to see as much as she could during a recent visit. She added that a highlight of her trip included the fact that the Mauritian people always seemed to be smiling and happy to have a chat with the tourists.

However, she did agree that the setting of Mauritius is particularly beautiful.

“The turquoise ocean is as smooth as glass near the shore because waves break with a boom on the reef about half a mile out at sea,” the journalist said.

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