Dubai ‘has more than just glitz’

People planning a holiday to Dubai may be interested to move beyond the modern glamour of the city and explore its history as a trading port, an author has suggested.
According to Lara Dunston, author of DK Eyewitness Dubai, the city’s “rich heritage” is steeped in the Bedouin tradition of hospitality.
Historically, she said, “travellers of all kinds” have come to the city to trade their wares for several centuries.
She added that this tradition continues today – with English families, Australian backpackers and Russian holidaymakers among the many people who take a holiday in Dubai each year.
Ms Dunston added that the glitz and glamour of the city is “just one aspect” and there is much to do and see beyond the shops.
Dubai’s department of tourism and commerce marketing claimed last month that the country hosts an estimated 700,000 tourists from Ireland and the UK each year.
Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell spent time in the city during the festive season last year with her daughter, Bluebell.
Previous figures published last spring suggested that 6.95 million people from around the world stayed in hotels in Dubai during their visit to the city.
August, November, December, February and March were named as the five most popular months to take a holiday in Dubai.

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