Honeymoon Packages – Or do it yourself?

I am often asked whether it’s best to buy a package holiday or to do it yourself. The theory goes that people¬†who do it themselves can hunt down those¬†cheap flights and best hotel deals without the need for a tour operator or a travel agent.

While the answer may not be clear cut for small, unimportant holidays you have to be very very careful when you are planning your honeymoon. I would suggest that a honeymoon package is essential for the following reasons:-

  • With a package holiday everything is handled by professionals. This way you are sure that you are going to the right place at the right time of year. The last thing you want on the first day of your honeymoon is to have an argument over whose fault the rain is!
  • Package holidays are usually protected by ABTA and ATOL licences. ABTA covers the advice you have been given by your travel agent and ATOL financially protects you should the airline or hotel go bust. When you book things yourself you rarely have this protection.
  • Honeymoon package holidays may actually be cheaper. Don’t forget that major tour operators have more purchasing power than you and will invariably get a better deal from a hotel than you can. The hotel can’t afford to give customers the same rates otherwise the tour operators will stop using them. The tour operators can pass some of this discount to you therefore making the holiday cheaper.
  • Package holidays have better “added extras”, especially as a honeymoon couple. Tour operators often have special offers such as upgrades for honeymoon couples. They know which hotels will upgrade you on arrival or greet you with a bottle of champagne. So if you like your perks they will be able to help. They want to create a good impression so that you come back time and time again. If you book direct with the hotel they know that you are unlikely to book with them again (not many people holiday year after year at the place where they went on honeymoon) and so they won’t be as inclined to upgrade you.

Do you agree? Are you thinking of booking your honeymoon yourself or going with a package? Let us know your thoughts

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