Luxury Holidays – Perfect in a credit crunch???

I think it’s a huge irony that the credit crunch has presented us with the opportunity to live a life like a millionaire. Why?

Because luxury tour operators at the moment are really conscious of the credit crunch and have dropped the prices on some of the best hotels in the world. They are paranoid about filling their allocation this year and  I have seen luxury holidays discounted by over £5,500 per couple, which is simply amazing!

You can live like the rich and famous for a fraction of the price.

We have found that these holidays are being booked like never before. As I write this our sales are 48% up for the year with our average booking value having increased by almost 10% compared to the same period last year. Why is this?

Well I think if you are in a good job on a variable mortgage then you are likely to have more disposable income now than ever before. As long as your job is secure there is no reason for you not to be spending as usual?

In fact with with people earning so little in interest in savings accounts they might feel they might as well be spending it. Saving as much as 30% on a holiday could be a wise investment … not to mention fun!

To see what I mean visit luxury holidays or holiday deals.

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