Hawaii holidays offer more than luxury resorts.

Hawaii has some amazing luxury resorts. One of our favourites the Westin Maui Resort. With its huge range of relaxing and invigorating diversions, we can understand that you’ll be content to relax in the resort. But, by staying in the resort you’ll be missing out on some of the amazing sights Hawaii has to offer.

On Big Island you can experience the raw power of nature at the Volcano National Park. There are three active volcanoes on Big Island. The most active is Kilauea, which has been erupting since 1983. Enough lava is released in 24 hours to resurface a 20 mile long road. The majority of this lava flows into the sea via lava tubes. These lava tubes are a great reason for leaving the comfort of the resort and experiencing something different.

This is the science bit. Lava tubes form when the outside edges of a lava flow cools and crusts over. The crust on the tube keeps the lava’s intense heat, meaning the lava can flow for many miles. The heat of the flow carves out an ever deepening tunnel which ends up much larger than the lava flow. The ecosystem in side the tubes is a unique experience. Words feel dry and empty when trying to describe the stunning beauty of these tubes.

We’d suggest taking a guided tour of the tubes. As you will be standing inside a natural feature created by an active lava flow, please pay attention to the rangers!

If you want some spiritual protection from the power of Kilauea you’d be wise to take some pork and gin with you. This isn’t to fortify your nerves, but should be wrapped in ti leaves and left as an offering for Pele, the volcano goddess of Hawaii. Pele is celebrated in local art and the tear drop lava forms are called “Pele’s tears”. Her presence is strongly felt in the National Park. When you are so close to a volcano that has been erupting for 26 years there’s no harm in keeping the local goddess sweet.

The Volcano National Park is just one of the places on the islands where you can experience the deep culture and heritage of this paradise on earth. So on your Hawaii holiday soak up something more than just sun, sand and surf.

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