“Low” cost airlines debit/ credit card charges- 7900% mark up?

I always knew that low cost airlines try and get you on the credit/debit card charges but I have noticed they are going up at an alarming rate. A debit card used to be a few pounds but I have just booked BMI Baby to Spain and the debit card charge was £12!!

They know that you have gone through so many steps to get to the final checkout (flight time, flight date, name, address, passenger names, hand luggage, no skis, no golf clubs, no scuba kit, no fencing foils, no illegal immigrants etc..) you can’t be bothered to do it all again.

Working for a holiday company myself I know what debit cards usually cost around 10-15 pence to process for the airline.

So let’s say it costs 15 pence to process a transaction. By my basis school maths I think £12 works out at a 7900% mark up. That has to be a record! Can anyone beat that?

The question is can anyone be bothered to get a VISA electron card which I think only Abbey, Bank of Baroda (who?),
Bank of Scotland and Halifax do. In fact I hear that some low cost airlines are now stopping electron cards being free as so many people are switching. One is now only allowing pre-paid Mastercards for free.

I can’t wait until 2050 when we are booking Ryanair intergalatic trip to the Sun (literally) and we are all desperately trying to get the card to save the £10k booking fee by opening an account with the bank of Nambia (provided its on their their pre-pay cash ISA card for people between the ages of 75 and 76 …. living at home with both parents).

But then that’s tiny little voice inside you that whispers …. but the card charge was less than the cost of the flight so can I really complain?

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