Koh Samui – The Library

Thailand is a land of variety and surprise and I was heading to one of its gems, Koh Samui. This little island is only a one hour flight from Bangkok. I’d suggest you take the Bangkok Air flight, that way you can use the wonderful lounge they have at Bangkok Airport. After my long flight from the UK I really appreciated the chance to relax and stretch out before the final part of my journey.

Koh Samui has come a long way since its days as a backpackers paradise in the 1970’s. Now you’ll find luxury boutique hotels and lavish spas scattered along the beautiful beaches. I was heading to a quirky boutique hotel, The Library, on the islands most famous sand strip Cheweng Beach. The Library is only fifteen minutes away from the airport, so there’s not that long between touchdown and check in.

The Library has a very modern look, it almost looks other worldly and may not be to everyone’s taste and at first I found the design a little cold. The warm friendly welcome takes the cold edge off the slick modern lines. The suites continue in the ultra modern, but have a relaxing Zen feel that lets your mind un-clutter and relax. The rain shower was a delicious treat after my journey, as was the welcome gift of a bottle of wine.

The Library is built around the concept that we all love a good book to read on holiday. So you can find your ideal read the hotel has its own library in a building called LiB. Like me you may be envisioning a traditional British library, heavy with dark wood shelves and a slightly dusty feeling. Those ideas couldn’t be further from the amazingly sleek, clean white lines of the LiB building. This is a perfect room to browse for an easy holiday read. Just in case you can’t find a good book, there is also internet access available.

The most unusual feature at The Library has to be the red swimming pool. I’ve never a pool quite like this at any hotel. While unusual I must say it’s a very relaxing feature and I spent many happy hours of my Koh Samui holiday sat by the pool reading a book selected from those slick white shelves.

I’ve enjoyed breakfast in bed at many hotels, but the Library takes advantage of its Cheweng Beach location by offering breakfast on the beach. Lounging on a crisp white mattress on the beach in the early morning light you can take advantage of the fresh baked pastries and fruit juices. Dining at The Library is an experience at any time of day thanks to The Page, the top notch restaurant.

I love the whole concept of The Library. I fell in love with the sleek modern lines and style. I want to eat breakfast on the beach every morning. I can’t recommend this hotel enough and if you’re ready to unwind in this Zen ultra modern environment then talk to one of our Koh Samui holiday experts.

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