BA ‘Keep the flag flying’

Top airline British Airlines have released a fleet of air crafts with the message ‘keeping the flag flying’ on as the airline continues to run a reduced flight schedule during the cabin crew strike.

Despite 473 members of cabin crewe on strike, the airline has been assuring its customers that it is still operating, according to BA Chief Executive Willie Walsh¬†“Our operations have been strong and the number of crew reporting for duty means we are flying our expected contingency schedule. The sun also reported he stated that “I would like to thank staff for their efforts which are making a real difference to our customers,” he said.

The bold message has been painted onto 10 planes at Heathrow and 2 at Gatwick, flying over the area were the staff are holding the picket line, giving the message that the airline will continue to fly even without the desired staff. In fact BA operated 60% of long haul flights and 60% of short haul flights yesterday and to further defy the strike they printed a full page advert in the Financial Times stating the many destinations they had still managed to fly to!

The strike is now into its 9th day with the airline losing £7m per day, not to mention the lost business from potential customers who will no doubt book through their competitors to avoid the strike.

In order to resolve the strike and stop losing ridiculous amounts of money per day, Wilie Walsh needs to now work with the crew members to settle the disagreement before it gets out of control.

Keep that flag flying BA!

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