Looking for a slick holiday?

Looking for a cheap holiday to Cuba, Mexico or Florida? You may be in luck due to the massive oil spillage which has taken place threatening the tourism industry for the area.

With experts saying the spill could be the worst in history, which happened due to an explosion and fire of a Deepwater drilling rig 50 miles of the coast which is leased by oil giants BP. The spillage covers 4,700 square miles and is still continuing to spread due to the wind blowing the slick to just three miles away from the Mississippi river. This could therefore effect neighbouring states such as Louisiana, Mississippi,Alabama and Florida.

If the oil affects these states the coastlines, beaches, wildlife then these resorts may be affected however for the meantime booking to go to Cancun, the west coast of Florida and Cuba should be fine and unaffected. It also means that you may get a better deal as travel companies may be forced to cut prices to drive travellers to the area.

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