Will the BP oil spill effect Florida Keys travellers?

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, the U.S. Coast Guard and Monroe County Emergency Management are continuing to monitor developments at the BP Deepwater explosion and subsequent oil leaks in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

It looks like currently the Florida Keys are unaffected by the oil spill at the moment and is forecast to remain the case for the forseable future. There have been reports of some oil arriving on beaches but these have been found to be unconnected with the BP oil spill.

Oceanogrpahers say if the Gulf of Mexico current loops change adversely it would 10-14 days to arrive at the Florida Keys in a worse case scenario.

Accordingly no advisories are recommending against travel to the Florida Keys. There are also no other precautions advising not to engage in fishing, diving, swimming or other water sports in or around the Keys. Finally, the Florida Keys-waters seafood is being delcared as safe to eat.

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