Oil hits Florida shores

No sooner had we reported that oil was up to 2 weeks away from Florida shores, it has hit.

Small quantities of oil are said to have arrived on the beaches of Pensacola. Little clumps which resemble shiny shells have been found on the shores of Santa Rosa Island on Friday, and locals are being told to avoid the substance.

BP have said that they are now capturing the majority of the oil from the broken pipeline but have admitted that it might take until August to completely stop the flow.

Florida’s governor is looking for $100 million from BP in a bid to protect the state from any damage the oil might cause. The money is meant to help physically protect Florida by mobilising a potential army of clear up workers and also to protect the reputation of Florida with a substantial marketing campaign.

It is unknown what the effect of hurricane season, which began on June 1 may have on the spill. One crumb of comfort is that tourist numbers are traditionally lower during this period.

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