5 Ways To Find A Cheap Holiday Deal

Protection specialists, Bright Grey, revealed that a third of us Britons will go in debt to fund our summer holiday this year. Surveys found that 32% of us will pay for our holiday this year using a credit card, a travel agent payment plan or even by borrowing money from family or friends. This borrowing amounts to more than an average of £1,200, a whooping £12 billion in total, of which half us can’t afford to pay back straight away. This means extra interest payments on top.  Even though most of us can’t afford these holidays, one in seven of us said we have to have a holiday every year despite whether we can afford it or not. One in five of us will splash out on a bed and breakfast holiday whereas one in six prefers it all to be tailor-made for us. The average holiday takes more than four months to be planned and lasts a duration of 10 days.

This just goes to show how important a holiday is to us however it is vital that we don’t break the bank when planning our next escape. Check out Holiday Please’s top 5 tips to help you save money when booking your next holiday:

1.     Timing your booking- If you are not flexible with your dates then book early. This will not only be cheaper for you but will give you the chance to get the best room and also more time to look forward to it. If you are flexible with your dates and destinations then you can book late and pick up unsold hotel places at very good prices.

2.      Buy your travel insurance early- Not many people know this but your travel insurance covers you from the minute your purchase it and not from when you start your holiday. This means that you might be able to recover the cost of the trip if you have to cancel your trip due to any unforeseen reason or emergencies. Make sure you check your policy first as each one varies.

3.      Splash out on the whole package- Many of us are unaware that booking an all-inclusive holiday could be cheaper for us in the long run. Having your food and drinks already paid for leaves you the hassle of having to look for and fork out on food and drinks when you get there.

4.      Avoid traveling during peak times- If you can avoid it, book your holiday during term time when the kids are at school. Travel companies put their prices up during peak times like the summer and Easter holidays. Book your holiday around these times and you’ll be amazed to see how much you can save. Also if you don’t mind the weather you can travel to places off peak. Some destinations actually have very nice weather even in low season because they have their own microclimate. Our holiday experts can help advise you on these places.

5.      Don’t be afraid to haggle – Even on websites you can pick up the phone, speak to a sales agent and haggle over the price. They probably won’t have more than 3-5% up their sleeve to play with but for a £3000 holiday that’s a £90 – £150 saving, which is a bit of extra holiday spending money!

One final tip is obviously to look at the holiday deals section at Holidaysplease!

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