Advice About Travel Insurance

The travel insurance industry paid out a massive £274 million in claims during 2009 to people who needed emergency treatment while abroad. According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), travellers who fell ill or had an accident whilst on holiday were compensated the equivalent of £5.3 million a week. Although the number of trips abroad fell by 15% during the year, this was the highest amount since records began in 2000.

The most common illnesses included stomach upsets, ear infections, allergies and heart problems. The amount paid out to ill travellers ranged from £49,000 to a man who was holidaying in the US for the cost of a coronary artery bypass and an emergency flight home to £9,000 to a woman who suffered an allergic reaction whilst in Cyprus.

So if you’re planning a holiday soon make sure you take into consideration the following 3 tips. After all, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry!

·        Buy you travel insurance as soon as possible- so many people are unaware that your travel insurance covers you as soon as you book your holiday and not just while you are on it. It can often cover the cost of your booking if you have to cancel your trip for cetain permitted reasons. Make sure you check you policy first as each policy varies.

·        Find the best policy to suit you- Shop around to find a good price and the right policy that best suits you. There’s nothing worse than travelling something going wrong and you end up not being covered to the extent you wish. Although cheaper policies may seem like a bargain, it usually means they have less cover so cheaper may not always be the best option here. If you’re a frequent traveller then consider an annual multi-trip insurance policy, this can save you time and money. The travel insurance market is very competitive and so higher priced, more comprehensive policies are usually still competitive.

·        Make a note of important numbers- have a list of emergency medical telephone numbers in order to call for advice should you fall ill on holiday.

·        Check your policy- most policies don’t cover you for alcohol or drug-related incidents so be careful. However, 60% of policies now cover for you for terrorism, be sure to make check your policy does too.

If you would like any further advice or to find a good last minute deal look at our holiday deals section for great escapes…but don’t forget the travel insurance!

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