Holiday Essentials

With the summer holidays starting this week, it’s that time of year when we all turn our attentions to our much-deserved, long-awaited holiday. But first comes the dreaded task of packing everything we need to take with us. Thomson and First Choice revealed that a quarter of us spend between two to three days packing our bags for our holiday. However only 16% of us actually use everything and wear everything we’ve packed once we get there. With the number of baggage allowance restrictions and charges for even taking a suitcase on board, it makes sense to just pack the bare essentials. Why carry around a ridiculously over-stuffed bag when you have more important things to do like actually enjoying yourself? Check out our top bare essential must-haves in your suitcase when you’re away so you don’t get dragged down by the weight of carrying the whole house!

• Check the weather of your holiday destination before you travel- simply by doing a search-engine search of your destination you are able to get up-to-date forecasts of the weather and temperature of where you are going. This will then give you an indication of what sort of clothes you’d need to take- if it’s sunny and warm then 1 jumper is more than enough, but if it’s cooler then maybe consider taking more.
• Think about your shoes- it goes without saying that shoes will way you down! Relax, you’re going on holiday, you don’t need a pair of shoes to match each outfit. About 3 pairs of shoes should suffice- a pair of flip flops, walking shoes and a nice pair for dressing up for your evening meals.
• Ditch the towels- these become heavy and smelly once wet, which can weigh your bag down. Instead use the hotel ones or buy a cheap towel from where you are going.
• Go easy on the toiletries- lugging all that shampoo, soap, body lotion, sun block, hair spray etc will without a doubt weigh you down. Why not try and cut down or buy mini versions of what you need. Most supermarkets and toiletry shops now have mini versions of virtually all the essentials leaving your bag feeling lighter.

So there you have it, the bare essentials leaving you to enjoy your much-deserved break. Having said this, all of us are different. So why not tell us the one thing you wouldn’t like to forget on your holiday this summer? Feel free to leave your holiday must-have below. If you have yet to book you next holiday, why not visit Holidays Please for all the latest holiday deals.

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