Let’s Help Promote Sustainable Tourism In The Caribbean

Delegates at the 11th annual Caribbean Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development were advised to promote heritage tourism and geo-tourism to help sustain their unique landscapes and attractions. As we all know the Caribbean boasts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches with pristine white sandy beaches and calm turquoise waters for us all to enjoy. However the Caribbean Conference announced that the islands need to be preserved as climate change and tourism could cause devastating effects. Climate change experts from the University of Oxford highlighted how a one-metre rise in sea level could swallow up the beach in front of Barbados’s Sandy Lane.

Imagine if what once was our beautiful honeymoon or holiday destination becomes drowned under the Caribbean Ocean. Many holiday companies are already doing their bit to help sustain the Caribbean by promoting “green” behaviour such as using less water and energy in their resort and hotels as well as aiding local agriculture. So lets all do our bit too, next time you take a holiday to the stunning Caribbean let’s keep it stunning by being environmentally friendly in what ever way we can. We at Holidays Please offer great Caribbean holidays and Caribbean honeymoons to cater for everyone in a sustainable yet enjoyable way so why not book yours today.

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