Roaming Charges

There’s one thing most of us will definitely not leave behind when we go on holiday and that’s our mobile phone. We can escape to the other side of the world yet still many of us want to be in contact with everyone else back at home. However, have warned travellers to be aware of using mobile phones for calls, texts and browsing the internet as charges are much higher when you are abroad. So make a note of Holiday Please’s top tips for roaming charges when you’re on holiday so that you don’t come home to a shocking hefty phone bill.

• Bear in mind that the inclusive minutes, texts or internet browsing you may have on you mobile phone tariff will be invalid as soon as you leave the UK. Therefore you will be charged at a much higher rate if you want to text, call or browse the internet when abroad.
• Remember to turn off your data roaming option on your phone so you can steer clear of being charged heavily for automatic downloads and updates. This is especially important for those of us with Smartphones such as an iPhone or Blackberry.
• New rules from the EU are now in effect which means there is a set cut-off point for the cost of data use. However this only applies to EU destinations so check your individual network provider for more information.
• Speak to you network provider before you leave to see whether they offer you a cheaper international tariff. This can save you a significant amount of money so that you don’t have to worry about receiving a huge bill on your return.
• Don’t forget to turn your phone off when you are not using it on holiday. This will help you to avoid being charged for receiving calls.
• Why not consider getting a local SIM card of you visit the same place often? This can actually work out to be much cheaper for you in the long-run.

Don’t get caught paying a fortune on your phone bill while your away and bear in mind the tips above. Or better still, enjoy your much-deserved holiday and leave the phones at home. After all, what better way to relax than to completely shut off from all the stresses back home? Mobile phone or no mobile phone? Feel free to leave your comments below and tell us whether you would take your mobile phone on holiday with you or would you rather leave it at home? One a final note, don’t forget to book you next escape with Holidays Please. Check out our latest holiday deals for your perfect get away and one of our travel experts will be happy to help you.

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