European Health Insurance Cards

Holidaymakers travelling to Europe have been warned that their insurance claims may be rejected if they do have a valid EHIC card. Insurance experts have alerted travellers to accurately read their travel insurance policies as many of them are inserting clauses requiring EHIC cards, which means travel insurance alone will not cover you. Travel experts at explained “Some insurers will refuse to cover you if failed to travel with a valid EHIC card, whereas other will waive the excess on claims where you have an EHIC card and used it for your treatment.”

Approximately three million people are carrying cards that have expired whereas many travellers don’t even hold a card at all. Therefore experts advise holidaymakers how it is crucial that you travel with an up-to-date EHIC card and a full travel insurance policy when travelling in the EEA area. The card is free and valid for up to five year as it ensures that you receive medical treatment on the same basis as citizens of the country in which you are travelling in.

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