Heathrow Airport – Flies Into Top Spot For International Flights

The Airports Council International (ACI) has named Heathrow Airport as the world’s biggest international airport after handling 66 million passengers last year. This was due to high volumes of international transit passengers and lower percentage of domestic traffic. Despite a 1.1% fall in the number of passenger traffic, the number of international passengers travelling worldwide in 2009 dropped 1.8%, with a 5.4% drop across Europe year on year. This latest victory has helped strengthen arguments for those who are for Heathrow’s expansion and confirm the UK government’s policy to decline a third runway. As a result of this rejection, Heathrow will now lose out to Beijing as the world’s second-largest airport in the world.
Second place went to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris which saw 53 million international passengers in 2009, 5% fewer passengers than in 2008. Whereas, Hong Kong followed in third place with 45 million passengers, 4.6% less than 2008. Of the biggest international airports, only Dubai saw a 9.6% boom in passengers, with 40 million using the airport in 2008. We at Holidays Please offer a great range of holidays departing from Heathrow airport, the world’s biggest international airport, as well as all other major UK airports. So why not book your next escape with Holidays Please? Check out our latest holiday deals section to find the best one to suit you and our dedicated holiday experts will be happy to help you.

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