Holidays Please’s Top 3 Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoon Honeys!

So all you lucky people out there who have found your perfect someone and now want to book a perfect honeymoon to match! Here at Holidays please we have come up with our top three destinations to get the ball rolling!

1) The Maldives
If you were to draw a picture of your dream beach it would probably look very similar to the beaches found in the Maldives! Lying in a hammock in the sun on a golden beach surrounded by crystal clear sea! Perfect! Well it must be! As we have put it top of our honeymoon list. Here you can see Maldives Holidays

2) Thailand
Coming in close second is Thailand, set in Southeast Asia with both breath taking beaches and scenery mixed with diverse culture makes Thailand one of our customer’s favourite locations. There is too much to see and do!  Visit Bangkok and take a boat trip through the floating market, visit the temples and meditation centres.  Thailand is perfect for honeymoons as it is new and exciting and like nowhere else! Here you can see Thailand Holidays 

3) Mauritius
Mauritius is a slice of paradise! And not surprisingly makes the top three.  Mauritius is a haven for calm and tranquillity. Surrounded by picture perfect turquoise sea and blue skies, honeymooners looking for beauty and luxury, it is a must! See our Mauritius Holidays

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