The best of China

China is a huge country, and the idea of visiting for a week or two and planning what to do can be quite daunting… So here are the must see’s for first time travellers! People are often surprised by how modern China is; the infrastructure can now be compared to that of the USA, allowing you to tour China with ease. Stay in comfortable 4 – 5 star hotels where you will bask in the ambience of this amazing country, and try new Chinese cuisines (don’t worry, you can still get familiar western foods for the fussy ones!)

We would recommend starting in Beijing, where you can take part in a full day city tour, and visit the Forbidden City. The Forbidden City is also known as the Imperial Palace Museum, with many arts and exhibits displayed for tourists to see. You will also visit China’s largest temple, the Temple of Heaven where you will see traditional Chinese architecture. Bring the tour to a conclusion with a visit to the summer palace, surrounded by one of Beijing’s finest gardens. Here, you can wander and explore the stunning grounds and enjoy the scenery.

When visiting this fabulous country, The Great Wall of China is a must! You can also take part in a tour, which explores the 2000 year old wall which spans across 4000 miles. You can take a cable car ride to the summit and look back down over the wall for a fantastic experience and view.

Take the inspiring Terracotta Warriors and City tour, where you can explore the city Xi’an on a private full day tour. The first stop is the world famous Terracotta Warriors, where you see 8000 life sized men standing ready for battle. Each warrior is individually crafted and painted by hand. Discovered in 1974, this is a must when visiting China, to discover why they were built and how they were discovered.

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