Where to visit in the Caribbean…?

With the Caribbean’s laid back attitude and beautiful scenery it’s no wander millions of people visit these islands each year. With each island having a different identity it is hard to know where to go. So Holidays Please is here to help you out!

We recommend Grenada, not as well know as the other islands, Granada is known as the spice island offering nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger. Oil down  the local dish,  is made by with breadfruit, saffron, dumplings, callaloo and a salted fish or meat  cooked in coconut milk. It is usually made for parties where locals all get together, giving you something new to taste.

Grenada has a unique style with beautiful beaches, lush rainforest, spice plantations, lakes and harbours; it provides everything you could want on your holiday.

The hotel we recommend is Petite Anse, located on the north coast the hotel offers two types of accommodation, chalet style and deluxe bedrooms. This hotel is recommended as it offers luxury at great value. To find out more enquire now and a member of our sales team will be in touch to offer you great advice, so kick back and embrace the Caribbean lifestyle

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