An exciting trip to Botswana

A member of our team has just returned from a two week safari trip to Botswana. Botswana is a fantastic destination for safari holiday, offering a very warm climate, with a safe and friendly atmosphere.

If finding a leopard asleep underneath your room (all rooms are on stilts) wasn’t interesting enough for one night, BBC reporters were supposedly said to be in the area to report about the ongoing negotiations between the Kalahari bush men and the government about creating a game reserve on the bush men’s land. A charity has supposedly stepped in and many of the bush men now live in large houses with flash cars, we can only assume the BBC wanted to report about this.

 17% of the country is made up from game reserves and national parks, with many safaris on offer. You can try walking safaris and really get a feel of this fantastic location, or try an elephant back safari, allowing you to look over the landscape from a height. This will also allow you to get closer to other animals as the Elephant will not scare them away.

 The Kalahari game reserve stretches from 52,800 kilometers and is the second largest in the world, with only 170 to 700 millimeters of rain fall a year.

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