Festivals and Events in November!

What is happening around the world in the month before Christmas?

Hampi, India celebrates the Hampi Utsav. This is a celebration of the city’s history with music and dance. The city is located in northern Karnataka state and is an important religious centre.

March to early June is the summer and the weather is usually dry & hot. The celebration takes place from the 1 – 9 November and is a great opportunity to get away before Christmas.

Karatsu festival,  Karatsu, Japan.

This is an impressive event, local people move in time with music with 19th century floats made from gilded paper car carried through the town.   Attracting 150,000 spectators who gather in the streets, this is a festival not to be missed. Taking place annually from the 2 – 4th of November.  

St Martin’s day in Zagreb, Croatia.

This celebration takes place on the 11th of November and is a fantastic celebration where you will traditionally feast on roast goose and new season wine. The date falls at the end of the wine – growing season, on this day ritual feasts are held and the new season wine is blessed.

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