Gatwick Airport reports drop in traffic…

Gatwick Airport reports drop in traffic…

Gatwick airport, the 6th busiest international airport, with the busiest single runway has announced a drop in passenger numbers throughout the month of September. Now the travel sector has had a lot to compete with in the past year, with Icelandic ash clouds, strikes and the economic climate, therefore this information is not surprising.

The UK’s second largest airport is said to of experienced a 2.6 per cent fall in traffic compared to September 2009.

However, it looks as through long haul holidays are becoming more and more popular, being the only area to see an increase, with a growth of 7.1%. I don’t blame you either, although the flights may cost a bit more than a trip to Europe, once you get to most long haul destinations the cost of living is a lot less.

Gatwick are also set to launch more flights with British Airways to long haul destination Cancun, and with long haul being the only sector to see an increase this is sure to boost traffic?

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