Vietnam travel tips…

Vietnam is a beautiful destination offering dramatic coastlines, history, and soaring mountains. It is perfect if you want to experience unspoiled landscape ahead of the crowds. Although the attraction about this country is that it has not yet been tainted by mass travellers, this also deters travellers, as the idea of the unknown discourages the average holiday maker.

The best time to travel to Vietnam is between October and April, and the average temperature for this period is 22 degrees in the north and 27 degrees in the south.

The cities of Vietnam offer some interesting sights; visit the Reunification Palace in Sai Gon in the south or visit the capital Hao Lu in the north.

As Vietnam is an unknown wonder here are some of our tips and information to stay safe –

  • Vietnamese dress conservatively, so it is best not to show off to much skin.
  • There are plenty of water vendors dotted about making it easy for you to stay hydrated.
  • Goes without saying, keep cash, credit cards tickets etc somewhere safe. 
  • Travel with recommended travel agents, who can provide you with information about the country. We can also advise you about what to see and do and where to stay.
  • Petty crime can occur so don’t wear a lot of jewellery etc, violent crime however is very unusual.
  • Dress appropriately when visiting temples etc
  • Physical displays of affection between lovers in public is frowned upon

 If you would like to visit this unspoiled beauty then enquire with Holidays Please and we can advice and help plan and organise your trip.

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