Will Napel be 2011’s place to be?

Nepal has designated 2011 as their year of tourism, in an attempt to double its 2009 international visitors, so will 2011 be the year for Nepal?

 It has been predicted that there will be a 25% increase, in arrivals, in August and UK visitors are set to rise by 15.5%. Nepal is most commonly known as a popular destination for trekkers, reintroducing old routes, is one of the ways that Nepal hopes to attract more visitors. The reintroduction of routes includes the great Himalayan Trail; the highest and longest alpine trekking route, which extends for 2,800 miles, along the whole Himalayan region. Nepal has three main trekking routes: Everest, Annapurna and Langtang however, with tourists trying other destinations for their trekking routes, Nepal is said to be trying to attract different areas of tourism in a bid to establish Nepal as a choice for a premier holiday destination with a brand image.

 In addition to enhancing tourist activities, Nepal is also scheduling huge improvement to its infrastructure. Airport refurbishments, five star property developments and road improvements are all ways in which they are hoping to increase tourism to this stunning destination.

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