Will the film ‘Eat, Pray Love’ Bring more tourism to featured regions?

The film is about a woman who is trying to overcome her divorce, and does this by taking a solo trip to various destinations around the globe, including Italy, Indonesia and India.  With the film having such wide coverage and the A list movie star Julia Roberts playing the lead role, it looks likely that tourists will see more of an appeal to these destinations.

 Bali is where the majority of the movie is said to be filmed. Bali Holidays are perfect for travellers looking for an experience and not just a beach holiday. Although it is home to some beautiful beaches, you are never far away from fantastic forests and mountain landscapes.

India is also a diverse destination from the busy lively atmosphere of the cities Delhi and Mumbai, to the astonishing sculpture in the 10th Century temples of Khajuraho. On an India Holiday you can also travel around in complete luxury, and it won’t cost you a fortune!

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