Number 10 Calls Off Luxury Phuket Holiday

The island of Phuket is the perfect getaway for an exclusive luxury holiday with the family, providing beautiful quiet sandy beaches that are perfect for relaxing, and with shops and lively nightlife, it is a holiday haven.

This luxury however, will not be enjoyed by the Prime Minister and his family this winter as the members of 10 Downing Street have been advised it may cause negative PR.

David has been preaching that we should enjoy more domestic tourism to get money flowing around our economy. With the Phuket hotel allegedly costing £1000 a night, the Prime Ministers advisers have suggested it may not be the most tactical of decisions.

With the majority of the UK cutting out such luxuries, the holiday may have caused uproar from the UK population, causing negative PR for David and his party.

With the affects of the government cuts starting to take its toll this lavish holiday may not have been the best idea for the Prime Minister… If you however have been saving hard for a winter get away, Holidays Please have some fantastic deals to Thailand. Our expert sales team will also always find you the best price. So if you want to enjoy your own Thailand winter get away, enquire now…

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