2018 world cup goes to Russia…

It was decided today that the 2018 world cup would be hosted by Russia and has been described as a big blow to the inbound tourism industry. With the UK in a poor economic position the inbound tourism may have given the UK the economic boost needed… allowing us to spread our wings further and enjoy our own holiday escape.

Next year however is a big year for the UK with the 2012 Olympics and the royal wedding this may be enough to boost the economic climate allowing us to treat ourselves more…

If you have had enough of this chilling weather and have started to look towards your next escape, then Easter is on the horizon and the earlier you book the better rate you will generally get.

Holidays Please have some fantastic deals available over the Easter period. Get some early sun and enjoy a relaxing holiday in the Maldives, with temperatures usually averaging around 30 degrees at this time of year.

Oh well… at least this gives us an excuse to have a trip to Russia for a holiday….

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